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Jewelry Casting in Westchester, NY

Photo of antique ring

Whether you want an exact replica of your great grandmother’s lost earring to complete the set, have a beautiful set of antique door knobs and need one (or a few) more for your design project or simply have a casting need for a class, Westchester Jewelry Casting can make it a reality.

The timeless traditions of handmade craftsmanship, small batch production, and high touch service are still alive in our shop located in Port Chester, New York. We boast a world class shop just a short ride from Manhattan.
Our team takes you from consulting to design to fabrication. With many years of experience, we embrace every project’s challenges and nuances, looking for opportunities to impress at every turn. Specialized knowledge and a shared love of art and detail will help make your casting goals a reality.
Photo of antique ring

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